Nov 1, 2015

My Books List - 2015

Here's a running post on the books I've read in 2015 and their brief summaries.

I am Malala - A biographical account of the brief but very eventful life of Malala Yousafzai, who's a Nobel peace prize recipient and a proponent for Women's education. The book also is an account of the times of turmoil in Pakistan during the the Taliban insurgency.

On Writing - A memoir and a guidebook for aspiring writers by Stephen King. This book is a must read if you ever plan on pursuing creative writing. The book demystifies writing to be a natural talent and portrays it to be an art that can be acquired and honed by constant practice and know-hows. As a software engineer, I could easily relate the writing advice in the book to the field of software development, which I view to be as much a creative art as writing fiction is.

Here's what it takes to become a competent writer (or in my case, a programmer) - Read a lot, write a lot. Steve has claimed that he reads close to 80 books a year. And he recommends a schedule of 4-6 hours a day of reading and writing.

The Finish - An account of the operation by the US government and the Navy SEAL commandos that finally lead to the demise of Osama Bin Laden.

Born to Run - A gripping tale where the author Christopher McDougall, pursues the art of ultra running and goes to the copper canyons of Mexico to learn about the ultra running tribe called Tarahumara that lives in the Canyons. As the book dives deep into exploring the theory of running from an evolutionary perspective, the reader is also introduced to the heroes in the sport of ultra running. This book just makes you want to lace up your shoes and run till you drop.

A Brief History of Time - A book on Cosmology and Particle Physics by Stephen Hawking. This book introduces the lay reader to the world of the laws governing our Universe, Quantum Theory, Particle Physics and Astronomy. This book surely is not an easy read. Many of the concepts, especially Quantum Mechanics and the Theories of Relativity get very convoluted and overwhelming. I found myself skimming through the pages without spending time gaining an in-depth understanding of the underlying science. This is a book that you would want to 'study' and not just read.

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